Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine’s Day Countdown Calendar

Today we have another Guest Post from an Idea Room Reader…Cathy from Cap Creations!  Cathy shares with us today her fun and Valentine’s Day Countdown with a fun activity and special daily message.  Thanks for sharing Cathy!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner what better way to teach your children (or remind yourself) about love? I've created this Valentine Countdown for my kiddos and thought I'd share with you!

Lovely numbered envelopes perfect for stuffing

perfect for counting down

until one more day til Valentine's Day!

What's even more special is what's inside. Sure we've got treats and love notes, but every other day there is an activity or thing to do that deals with love or loving and a bible verse that pertains to it.
We hung ours on a line with clothes pins but you could just as easily put them in a bowl.
Today I've got the envelopes and 2 of the inner cards to get you started. I will have all the cards for you tomorrow! The envelopes will need to be printed and cut and glued. It's pretty basic but if you need help please ask. To get red and white like pictured above I had to print out 2 sets of envelopes, one set on red paper and one set on white.


Below are your starter activity cards these will cover 2 days. I will post all of the cards tomorrow for you. The one on the right is designed with a spot to attach a small candy (heart marks the spot). To print click on the image below to enlarge, click it again to enlarge even more then right click and save to your computer. Print it as a 4x6.


Special thank you to The Graphics Fairy for the frame images for the envelopes! Enjoy!

Cap Creations has a lot of fun ideas and tutorials like these bottlecap necklaces.

And look at this awesome address crate planter.  I am going to make me one of these this spring!  Head on over to Cap Creations and see for yourself all the fun stuff she has to offer.


  1. Hello! Love, love, love the numbered envelopes. Is it at all possible to make it available through Google Docs? I'm not familiar with 4Share and really don't need to download more software on my computer. Thanks for considering.

  2. Anonymous- glad you like! You do not need to download any software on your computer to use 4share. You just download the zip file containing the envelopes, save to your computer, right click on the zipped file (on your computer) extract files and DONE!!,