Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let’s Help Bring Brady Home!

I have mentioned before that I would love for this community to be something were we can work together and create a network of support for our causes and a place where we can come and discuss and share ideas with each other.  I hope you will become a follower and join with us so it can continue to grow.

One of my readers, Cathy from Cap Creations, contacted me about helping her get the word out about a special cause that is dear to her heart.  You see, I care for a neighbor child with Down Syndrome {who is my daughter’s friend} in the mornings and get her on the bus for school every morning.  I felt very connected to Brady and his story and my heart breaks for him and the Hartmans. Here is Cathy in her own words…

You see this sweet boy?

This is Brady and he needs a family.

You see this lovely family?

They are the Hartmans and they want to bring Brady home and make him part of their family!

This boy NEEDS this family! Let’s help him get HOME!

Brady has down syndrome and because of this he was abandoned at birth like the majority of children with any sort of disabilities in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world. It is standard procedure when these children turn 4-6 years old (depending on region) they are transferred from Orphanages to full blown Mental Institutions.
Brady has already been transferred.
I believe that people are genuinely good and people genuinely want to do good. I believe this wholeheartedly which is why I am hoping, praying and asking this:

Can YOU help the Hartmans bring Brady home?
Do you have a neat product that you make or sell? Do you have a website or etsy shop? Can you make, create, craft, sew, etc.? We need your products!!!

All of your creative, lovely, awesome products will be combined into one grand prize package! This package will then be up for grabs to those that can make a small $5 donation to Brady's and the Hartman's adoption fund. Each $5 donation = 1 entry!

PLEASE think about it, pray about it, spread the word about it and ask yourself…

Can I help bring Brady home?

Please contact me HERE or via the contact page above if you can donate a new/unused product. Please send others this way that can donate a product. Flood my inbox with donations for Brady!

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word about this by posting it to your blog, facebook, twitter, email or other. Grab the button below!

Copy and paste into your website or blog.
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To learn more about the Hartmans visit their blog HERE.  And their sponsor/donation page HERE.
More to come on Brady soon!


  1. I'll definitely find something to donate! My nephew has Down Syndrome and I can't imagine him ever being abandoned! Praying this story has a happy ending!

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  3. Amy, Thank you so much for sharing about the Brady fundraiser on your blog!

    Donations are starting to come in yeah!!!