Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What do you do to celebrate Valentine's Day with your family, spouse or special someone?

I am always looking for new ideas for each holiday to keep it fun and exciting for my family and I. For Valentine's Day we pull out our Love Pillow and do kind anonymous acts of service for one another. We also make and decorate our traditional heart sugar cookies sometime before the holiday. We always host a Valentine's Dinner with our entire family in our "fancy" dining room with the "nice dishes" and eat by candlelight...it makes a nice romantic dinner...for 7...LOL!

Then my husband and I usually reserve one night {usually not on Valentine's} due to the crowds and have a nice date for just the two of us!

What about you? What do you do to make Valentine's Day special?

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  1. due to the lack of funds growing up we did not receive gifts or trinkets or anything like that from my parents so my mom made us Sugar cookies...not just any sugar cookie...The BEST sugar cookies you've ever tasted. These sugar cookies were not made for any other holiday or any other day of the year. They were only for V-Day. They were decorated with pink frosting and sprinkles but what made it even yummier was that they had Red Hots on them...Yum!
    Valentines Day means Sugar Cookies.
    My siblings and I have all adopted this into our own families now.

  2. This Valentine's Day we are going to a couples conference. Nice for us to meet with other couples and share in prayer and testimony. My husband and I, met oddly enough, on Valentine's Day...I won him at a single soldiers auction for $5.00...let's just say I saved him from the lady who kept screaming out $.50; $1.00...(the max was $5.00). Anywho, with the family, we are making sugar-heart cookies and filling up mason jars with them. Decorating the mason jar as well. ;) Happy Valentine's to you and yours!

  3. My husband and I always try to have a date, but, like you said, not usually on Valentine's Day.
    This will be my daughter's 3rd Valentine's Day and we started a little tradition of getting her a love-themed book each year. This year, though, I hope to come up with more crafty/ baking ideas to do with her, since she'd old enough to appreciate it now!

  4. My little daughter has been blessed with my crafting bug so for every holiday we make a craft. This year we did valentine mailboxes. I let her do all of the decorating so she can appreciate it more. I just buy the supplies lol.

    My son and oldest are teenagers so they pretty much want nothing to do with mom and dad these days so we dont do the cutesy fun stuff with them anymore. As they say "mom, we have lives now"...ok. The one thing they do love that always gets them to appreciate family is chocolate fondue. We all became addicted to fondue a few years ago and so every Valentine season, we make a smores fondue. It is so easy and soooooo yummy. I cut up pound cake, and lay out rice krispie treats, pineapple, apples, bananas, vanilla wafers, coconut covered marshmallows, graham crackers, strawberries,etc on a tray. We each have our own stick and so the fun begins!

    On a night...not Valentines...hubby and i go to a nice restaurant that we wouldnt normally go to. These days our favorite is a brazilian steakhouse...so yummy!

  5. I really like to do the 14 days of Valentine's for my hubby. Each day I leave him a little treat or note or gift leading up to the big day. Often the kids will participate too, helping make cards or gifts.

    We also have done coupons for different things from helping with chores to massages.

    I like to make a love theme dinner of heart shaped, red colored pancakes the whole family can enjoy.

  6. My mom always made a heart shaped meatloaf, covered with ketchup and pink rolls for dinner! This year I'm going to do love notes every day for the kids. Hoping it will trickle down into everyone's activities!

  7. I always do the 14 days of Valentines. I love Valentine's day almost as much as Christmas. There are a lot of ideas on my Valentine's Blog http://www.cutevalentines.blogspot.com/